Green is the color of the year 2017

Green is symbolic of departure and a new beginning, Pantone said . Green is breaking its course in 2017 and stands for the reassurance that we long for in times of uncertainty- Leatrice Eiseman, Managing Director of Pantone.

The hue of the year has the Pantone number 15-0343. He is reminded of the first days of spring, when nature awakens again after winter. Green stands for the joy of life in the happy nature, for freedom, oxygen and a new beginning, according to Pantone. Serenity and Rose Quartz, the two colors of 2016, expressed the desire for harmony in an increasingly chaotic world. On the other hand,  green staands for the human need for a connection with nature, other people and a higher sense.

Dolphin Leathers can make leathers according to customers requirements. Our customers provide us with pantone numbers to produce the shade of leather they want. In order to develop any new color we need order for at least 300 Pcs per color.